Administration/Agency Fees

Administration Fee: We charge a non-refundable administration fee of £264 including vat for up to two people which includes two tenant references.

Each person added to the tenancy will be charged an additional £132 including vat.

Student Administration Fee: £132 including vat per student which includes one guarantor reference.

Additional Referencing/Guarantor Fees: £50 including vat.

Security deposit: In most cases this is equal to one and a half months’ rent. Tenants with pets maybe asked to pay two month’s rent.

Check in fee: The check in fee varies depending on the size of the property and whether it is furnished or unfurnished, this ranges from £84 – £240 including vat.

Change of Tenant fee: Should you wish to change tenants at any point during the tenancy you must inform us and subject to your landlord’s agreement (which might include the need to take up new references) we will prepare new documents for signature. Our fee for this will range from £132-£264 including vat.
All our client monies are protected by Hiscox insurance.