Preparing the Property

We have found that a good relationship with Tenants is the key to a smooth-running tenancy. As Property Managers this relationship is our job. It is important that the Tenants should feel comfortable in their temporary home, and that they are receiving value for their money. It follows therefore that a well maintained property in a good decorative order will go towards this, whilst also achieving a higher rental figure. Tenants are also more inclined to treat such a property with greater respect.

General Condition

Electrical, gas plumbing, waste, central heating and hot water systems must be safe, sound and in good working order. Repairs and maintenance are at the Landlords expense unless misuse can be established. Interior decorations should be in good condition and preferably plain, light and neutral.


It is generally recommended that you let the property unfurnished. The vast majority of tenants outside of the major cities in the UK are wanting an unfurnished let to accommodate their own personal possessions. However, some tenants are requiring a furnished let and, under these circumstances, we would advise that you leave only minimum furnishings and these should be of reasonable quality. It is preferable that items to be left are in the property during viewings or if this is not possible, the agent must be advised what furniture and furnishings will be available for the let.

Personal possessions, ornaments, pictures, books etc. should be removed from the premises, especially those of real or sentimental value. Some items may be boxed, sealed and stored in the loft at the owner’s risk and with the tenants agreement. All cupboards and shelf space should be left clear for the Tenant’s own use.


Gardens should be left neat, tidy and rubbish free, with any lawns cut. Tenants are required to maintain the gardens to a reasonable standard.


All carpets, curtains, decorated areas, windows and furnishings, if applicable, should be cleaned prior to the commencement of the Tenancy. At the end of each tenancy it is the Tenants’ responsibility to leave the property in a same condition, allowing for wear and tear. Where they fail to do so, cleaning will be arranged at their expense.

Information for the Tenant

It is very helpful if you can leave information for the Tenant, e.g. on operating the central heating and hot water system, washing machine and alarm system, and the day refuse is collected etc.

You should provide one full set of keys for each Tenant. We will also require a duplicate set of keys if we are managing the property.

Landlords should make sure that the property to be let is covered with specialist Landlord insurance. It is the responsibility of the landlord to insure the building and its fixtures and fittings. Tenants are responsible for insuring any of their own possessions. We can put you in touch with specialists dealing with Landlords Legal Protection, Rent Guarantee Cover and Landlords Contents and Buildings Insurance if required.